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Giving you the tools to design and manage service bundles that will give software-like connectivity & margins to your hardware.

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Your hardware as-a-service.
It’s a win-win... win.

Give your customers the extensive, flexible & sustainable options they are demanding. Get more revenue per-product and better connectivity to your customers. All with a model that generates less waste.

Flexible ways to access your products, fully digitised. With financing built in.

Give your customers the options they’re after. With rolling contracts which have varying levels of commitment or get really fancy with something metered to their usage. We make modelling the right service simple, as well as paying you upfront for commitments to your service, giving you more working capital.

Servitization made seamless

We let you design and manage the service agreement terms with your customers. Protecting yourself against risks like loss, unreturned items, poor return conditions and theft with deposits, fines and insurance. Allowing you to take away the burden & hassle of your product longevity and end-of-life from your customers.

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Lifecycle managment that drives loyalty & revenue

Get more from each product and customer with smart managment of your service. We make it easy to have visibility of your hardware and materials, so you can keep them in efficient use. Utilisation that’s good for you and the planet. Delivered to your customers in a completely seamless service.

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